Maximizing Your Home Equity Through Storytelling

Two homes, both alike in dignity, in fair Laurel, MD where we lay our scene–is that how it goes? All kidding and Shakespearean references aside, one of our recent sales is a perfect case study to show you why the Unicorn approach works.

Look at the stats on these two homes:

So how did we deliver these results for our client? Let us break it down for you:

Editorial-style photos

Have you ever opened the latest catalog from your favorite home store and wanted to curl up on a pictured sofa? That is how we want buyers to feel when viewing your Unicorn Listing. We do more than simply take professional photographs; we ensure your home shows its best. Lighting, framing, and staging are just a few of the techniques we use to make your home appear as if it belongs in a home décor catalog. With this attention to detail, we ensure that the first impression of your home is a memorable one.

Lifestyle-focused listings

A traditional home listing will present the various rooms and amenities in a matter-of-fact way. By comparison, a lifestyle-focused listing helps you imagine how you’d live in a home. How do we do this? We share the practicalities of the property first and then we paint a picture of what makes this home special. From its unique features to the fun activities nearby, we tell the whole story. Here’s a great example:

“An ideal Laurel location and inviting layout make this stunning 5 bedrooms / 3.5 bath home the ultimate retreat to escape the city. Close to community staples and amenities from lakeside bike paths to craft breweries, commuters can breathe easy with convenient access to the I-95, I-295, and both the Capital and Baltimore Beltways.”

As you can see, we offer potential buyers a preview of how well this home would suit them. With this in mind, we create an emotional bond that will compel them to make an offer you’ll be thrilled to accept! 

Meaningful results

In the case of this home, the Unicorn Listing not only garnered a higher selling price but was the top-seller in the area! As sellers Mr. and Mrs. Salvador say:

“Ron impressed me as being thoughtful, generous, and family-oriented, with simple style and elegance. Ron’s team is unbeatable. They are always there to support Ron without hesitation.”

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